When safety is the first priority,
SAFE•TEEN magnets are a must!

The SAFE•TEEN vehicle safety magnet was developed by two moms after each took their teens out for their first driving experiences.

“As parents of recent student drivers, we understand the anxiety that comes with putting in the practice hours with your teen behind the wheel. We’ve seen first hand how nervous our teens and we were when nearby, unknowing drivers became frustrated, not realizing there was an inexperienced driver at the wheel. That’s when we decided to create the SAFE•TEEN vehicle safety magnet. We were driving down the highway in a VW (therefore our logo) when it came to us - put a sign on the car when our teens are learning! The driving school use marked vehicles, shouldn’t we?”

With Rita’s business skills and Nancy’s design skills, Road Trip Products was born, and the SAFE•TEEN magnet became a reality. :)